Throughout her extensive experience as a Realtor®, clients have praised Deb for her in depth knowledge of the Philadelphia real estate market, her enthusiasm, and her ability to find their dream home. Here is what home buyers and home sellers have to say about Deb.

I was not the easiest client as I had very specific needs in the house I was buying. Deb understood what I was looking for and she was diligent in showing me potential homes that might work for me...she was untiring in taking me out and showing these homes to me. Most important, she NEVER pressured me to settle for less than I was looking for. That was extremely important. She was knowledgeable about the homes, streets and neighborhoods that she showed me. And she was even tempered throughout the process. I heartily recommend her as a real estate agent .......she is terrific. And, oh, yes, we finally found the house that I was looking for in my price range.

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Suzanne H
Home Buyer in Roxborough, Philadelphia

As a first time home buyer, I couldn't have asked for a better Realtor than Deb. She took the time to thoroughly explain the home buying process and patiently answered all my questions. After a failed first bid, she encouraged me to keep looking, even at places I wouldn't have considered possibilities. Deb always got back to me promptly and was my advocate every step of the way. And, just as she said I would, I did find a place I love. I'm amazed - and very grateful. Thank you Deb!

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Sara I.
Condo Buyer in East Falls, Philadelphia

I was lucky to get introduced to Deb after searching for a real estate agent for a while. I knew, from her very prompt response to my very first email, that she will be my agent. I had a pretty complicated case. As I was going throughout the mortgage process, there were quite a few underwater rocks. Our settlement was postponed 3 times. Finally on the pre-settlement walk through, we found out the house was stripped of copper plumbing, which caused water and mold damage to the property. I thought it was the end of it 🙁 I am 30 years old, first time home buyer, with a good, but not perfect income. Deb was helpful every step of the way, she was by my side through all the problems that occurred. She dealt with the seller, who was not easy. She made sure that the house was fixed the way it should have been, before we FINALLY settled. Deb knows a great deal and will only recommend the best. I made a mistake of not going with the mortgage company she recommended from the start and put myself through a lot of troubles because of it and almost lost the house. 2 months ago I used Deb to settle on a second property, which was a cash deal. It went through, even though I made a pretty big mistake the very last moment. Deb babysat me and helped me resolve the problem. Result - I'm the owner of 2 great houses. Buying a house is a complicated process, especially if you are like me, with artistic nature and not the best financial situation. A lot of things can go wrong, so it is important to have a good agent by your side. I know that Deb will be my agent in all of my future real estate ventures. I highly recommend her to anyone. You can trust her to take care of your interests, even in the situations when you have no idea what the right decision is. In those moments I just followed Deb's advice. I truly believe that if I was paired with a different agent, the outcome of both settlements could have been different. Thank you and good luck with getting the house you want 🙂

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Tasha K.
Buyer Fishtown, Kensington & West Philly

Deb represented us in both buying and selling and throughout the process Deb was a great communicator, an ethical person, patient and understanding, all in all a consummate pro. Whether it was advice on home inspections, referral of contractors, suggestions on homes or opinions on neighborhoods, I always felt confident in Deb's honesty and experience. Use Deb, you won't regret it.

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Gregg B.
Home Seller and Buyer, Mt Airy, Philadelphia

I can't say enough good and positive things about my experience in purchasing a home with Deb. She is a fantastic realtor and all around great person. I began working with Deb well over a year ago, when I first started my path/journey of beginning to look into purchasing a home. At that time, I was only testing the waters and starting to consider the type of home / location I'd be interested in. I met Deb at an Open House, and we remained in contact after that. Deb was very helpful and attentive when it came to guiding me throughout the process and passing along homes that she felt fit what I was looking for - her recommendations were typically always on par with the types of homes I'd be interested in. What I really appreciated, is that she was never pushy or overbearing. She never made me feel pressured to pursue a certain place or to rush my decision to purchase. A fair amount of time passed between when I first started looking into homes and when I eventually purchased - I never once thought to work with anyone else besides Deb. Deb helped me with purchasing my first home. She was extremely helpful, honest and transparent throughout the process. She was a critical part in making it a smooth and enjoyable experience. I think her overall attitude and way of handling things is one of her strongest suits. I trusted her and knew that she cared about always keeping my best interest in mind. From her consistent follow-through with the other parties at hand (realtor, insurance agent, etc.) down to her being genuinely excited when the purchase went through - I was extremely impressed & grateful to have Deb as my realtor. Deb is a great representation and ambassador for Elfant Wissahickon. I would absolutely recommend her as a realtor to my family and friends. If I ever go through another home sale or purchase, I would without a doubt reach out to Deb. There is no one I'd rather work with in such an important life decision. Thank you for a wonderful home buying experience!

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Meredith K.
Home Buyer, Center City, Philadelphia

I am very happy that I chose to work with Deb to purchase my first home. From Day 1 she explained every step of the process and was quick to respond to any questions. I easily met all deadlines because Deb was so proactive. I would recommend anyone choose Deb to represent them when purchasing a home.

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Joe M.
Home Buyer in Roxborough, Philaelphia